Can becoming Sponsorship Ready help your club?

YES, If your club has…

1. > 400 members who are an engaged & passionate audience – but perhaps your club could do better in allowing sponsors to leverage this….

2. Plenty of volunteers, a history and a story to tell – but struggle articulate it to attract sponsors….

3. Is an organsiation that makes a positive impact on its community and peoples lives – but its not defined or pitched properly

4.  Significant ‘reach’ and community engagement opportunities for prospective sponsors – but is not demonstrating this

5. A good brand, reputation and governance – but fail to really showcase it or may not have the capacity to sell sponsorship effectively

6. Fewer, bigger and deeper relationships with sponsors makes sense – but the clubs tends to have multiple lower value partners with high servicing costs

If your club committee wants to grow its family of sponsors even during these challenging times, you can book directly into my calendar, at your convenience. Lets connect on ZOOM!

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