5 Tips for Grassroots Sports in these challenging times



It is a challenging time for clubs relying on sponsorship, so we put together our top 5 tips to help you get started!

  1. Seek to collaborate with other organisations that can add further return on objectives for sponsors. For example, this could be partners in health and social sectors.
  2. Talk to your incumbent sponsors. They will naturally want to change the platform of their partnerships, and add a digital edge for leverage, so you will need to understand their objectives and how they may have changed before you can address the challenge.
  3. Be able to articulate your clubs reach and impact.
  4. Increase your communication and stories about your brand, and elevate your digital presence, specifically via your website and social media channels.
  5. Prepare a professional pitch document that captures the vital inputs that enable a prospective sponsor to see that you can deliver on their commercial, brand and community engagement objectives by using your club as a conduit to your engaged and passionate stakeholders.