To be Sponsorship Ready your event, club or not for profit needs to be able to deliver on an organisations commercial, brand and/or corporate and social responsibility objectives. It also needs to be presented and pitched in a professional way so that you can demonstrate that leveraging your ‘rights’ can complement an organisations spend on other marketing mediums.

Depending on where your organisation is at on the journey to being Sponsorship Ready we will have a service proposition for you:

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Terry Johnston - Bio

Terry Johnston is Queensland’s most experienced and connected sponsorship consultant and has built a career on achieving results for his clients. A board member of Q Sport (Sports Federation of Queensland) and on the panel of consultants for Tourism and Events Management Queensland, Terry works with various sectors to develop strategic sponsorship programs and partnerships that will not only optimise revenue but also position your brand in the right way to the right audience.

Terry’s experience working with sponsors, and those seeking sponsors, extends beyond 25 years across Queensland, Australia, and internationally. He has established a reputation for results, having sold in excess of $45 million in sponsorship revenue, which is why major brands across various sectors – sports, corporate, cultural, not-for-profit and entertainment – seek out Terry’s services as a sponsorship consultant.

Drawing on his experience and high-level connections, Terry has been able to develop successful sponsorship opportunities, corporate partnerships, generate leads, and leverage opportunities to benefit both parties within the agreement, and connect clients with not only the right sponsors, but also their customers.

Terry has built a reputation in Australia and PNG, helping empower brands by building equity in their most valuable asset –
the brand itself.

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