Sponsorship Ready is a turnkey service for rights holders where we do the heavy lifting for you, simply and efficiently, no face to face meetings required.

You can grow your sponsorship revenue base two to four times by becoming truly Sponsorship Ready.

Events, Associations, Membership based organisations, Sporting clubs, associations and Governing bodies, Schools, Non Profits
Any organisation that can connect a sponsors brand to an audience ….

To be Sponsorship Ready really means your organisation can present a professional, compelling proposition so a prospective partner can clearly see they can derive a return on their investment in your organisation, just like radio, print, TV, Billboards or digital. That they can deliver on their objectives….

Generating leads or brand visibility may be an objective. But sponsors post Covid 19 will have other objectives, like employee safety & engagement, demonstrating social responsibility or seeking ways to engage with and support your members or stakeholders.

Depending on where your organisation is at on the journey to being Sponsorship Ready we have a service proposition for you

Sponsorship Ready 

Sponsorship Review 

Sponsorship Strategy Workshops

Nonprofit Corporate Partnerships 

Not for profit

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