If your sports club or association has greater than 400 members then opportunity beckons.

It means you have critical mass…an audience…reach and an impact on your community.

It means you are a fantastic conduit to that audience.

It means that small and medium sized businesses can partner with you to achieve their business objectives.  Just like they can with advertising in a range of mediums.

How does your club compete with these other mediums?

For starters it’s got a big head start!  Engaged volunteers, passionate supporters, community engagement, ability to create brand visibility and awareness, ability to stimulate sales and trial or products…and sponsors don’t have to keep paying for ‘spots’ every time they wish to leverage the partnership ……..a long list of business objectives it can deliver on.

Clubs must change the narrative – your club can provide return on investment for sponsors, it’s not just about helping a good cause…..fundraising and sponsorship are two different things!

Covid 19 has changed the landscape – it will impact heavily on businesses that have traditionally provided financial support and not expected much in return, of course there will always be philanthropy but investing to get a return on commercial, brand or community engagement objectives through a sponsorship requires that story to be told (i.e. how) when engaging with a prospect!

If your club has > 400 and your partnerships are under valued or you think you could have fewer, bigger, deeper relationships with sponsors.  Reach out.

Worth a conversation?

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