Get your club Sponsorship Ready, now.


Sponsorship Ready is for club committees who need a bespoke sponsorship strategy & structure as well as professional selling tools & training on how to deliver on a prospective sponsors commercial, brand and community engagement objectives.

Your clubs conversion rate will soar as a result!

Success in sponsorship requires your club to be Sponsorship Ready before you go to market.

There are 3 critical steps involved.

Without addressing each of them your club will always struggle finding sponsors.

I help clubs implement a successful framework which gets results in 90 days.

I wish to start helping 5 clubs in August to monetise and leverage their standing in the community, the role they play in advocating physical and mental health and the conduit they provide to engaged and passionate supporters.

I am happy to offer a 30 minute no obligation ZOOM meeting call to with your committee to answer any questions, critique pitch material, provide feedback on sponsorship assets, renewal strategy for a specific incumbent or strategies to offset loss of income through Covid.

And on Covid, yes it has tightened the market but SME’s are searching for novel ways to deliver on their business objectives and reboot their business.  Clubs can deliver on that through sponsorship!

Our free Sponsorship 101 tool kit will let you know how Sponsorship Ready your club is and offer some specific sponsorship advice for these challenging times.


Fill out some details and we’ll send you your free Sponsorship 101 toolkit.

I am looking to work with a couple more clubs in August who want to see double digit growth in their sponsorship in just a few months.  Covid has knocked revenue for a lot of clubs unfortunately.

I have some space in my calendar next week for a free sponsorship strategy session with your clubs committee

Worth a conversation to see if I can help your club?