Sponsorship Reset

As community and elite sport stages its return,
perhaps it is time to consider a Sponsorship Reset. 

For clubs, organisations, sports or events wishing to reset
their sponsorship strategy in light of Covid 19. 

Delivered via ZOOM or face to face meeting/s.



  • A professional report of findings and recommendations specific to your organisations circumstances, including insights into incumbent sponsorship contracts and recommendations for renewals
  • Provision of tools and templates to help start your organisation’s journey to becoming Sponsorship Ready
  • Second meeting (1 hour) to present report/recommendations which will provide a pathway forward for your organisation
  • Interactive Presentation including:
    • How to provide evidence of your organisations impact
    • Possibilities with technology and digital to tell stories and magnify reach
    • Collaboration possibilities in health and social sectors
    • Innovation thought starters
    • How to develop a sponsorship asset register and a category analysis
    • What should be included in a sponsorship proposal
    • How to deal with in kind sponsorship requests
    • How to get sponsors to leverage their sponsorship
    • How to leverage the value in your organisation’s logo
    • How to create effective sponsorship selling tools.
  • Third meeting (1 hour) for clients requiring further support during implementation
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