netball team sponsorship ready grassroots sport

Is it contacts in the community?
The ability to sell?
To be able to adequately convey the clubs mission and purpose?
Presentation skills?

I think the people on a sponsorship committee are passionate volunteers who can tell the story of the club – convincingly – that is half the battle but the other half of the battle is won or lost around three things:

1. They have a good understanding of what the club’s sponsorship assets are.
• They have a living document always evolving that captures everything not just signage and branding
• They get together and brainstorm this and flesh it out
• I suggest most clubs are using one third of their true inventory and that most are not tapping into health and social issues that sponsors would love to leverage

2. They are armed with a compelling proposition or selling tools that convey how a club can compete or complement spend by SME’s on other advertising mediums.
• They can define their reach and impact
• Their pitch is professional
• They do not seek a philanthropic handout but offer ROI

3. They are able to understand a sponsors business objectives and know how to talk to them instead of simply benefits.
• They bespoke their pitches based on an understanding of commercial, brand and community engagement objectives of a prospect
• They know how to use their selling tools to get results
• They know how to identify and target