Who’s job is selling Sponsorship in a club?

Some clubs have a nominated person responsible for sponsorship acquisition, in others it’s the whole committee, others still it’s a subcommittee. I guess it depends on the mix of skills available to the committee to make these decisions. I have seen it work effectively for all scenarios just as I have seen it been ineffective for all scenarios – as it depends what they are selling and how they sell it.

I personally believe if the club has access to engaged and passionate people who are armed with the right strategy and tools and moreover trained in how to use them then they will grow their sponsorship revenue significantly. Perhaps a sub committee focused on Sponsorship perhaps is the benchmark in my view.

Against a back drop of Covid 19 and the threat to revenue, time poor volunteers and valuable club resources increasing capacity and capability of people in sponsorship roles is vital. The market is getting tighter, but if your club has a really compelling proposition, pitched the right way in that in can demonstrate return on objectives and not just talk to benefits then sponsors will renew and new sponsors will join.

So it’s not who’s job it is to sell sponsorship that is the key question. The key question is has the club set that sub committee or person up to succeed by providing them with the right support and tools to go to market successfully.